The Digital Gameplan

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Digital Gameplan is the strategic marketing tool of the future

Digital Gameplan is probably a concept you have started to hear a lot of in the world of online business. But what is it really? Here you can get an overview of exactly what a Digital Gameplan is and what it entails for you.

A Digital Game Plan is a strategy of how your online presence becomes more prominent and targeted. It gives you an overview of your digital situation, and outlines your options and gives you an insight into the different strategic decisions you need to make.

The whole purpose of a Digital Game Plan is to make your digital presence an asset that can contribute purposefully and positively to the bottom line.

This is done on the basis of thorough analyses that lead to an idea of strategy, campaigns and competitors.

Once you have made a marketing plan like this, it is a big booty Goody-Bag.

The content in the digital marketing plan is composed of your own and partners Best Practices.

It should contain:

  • Product and service overview
  • Buyer Persona development
  • Market Overview
  • Goals and Milestones
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Campaigns and Timelines
  • Technological Needs Analysis
  • Cost vs. Value

The product and service overview covers descriptions of products and services together with the value per customer. It establishes what is needed to form a Gameplan, and why you should do it.

Persona development means that we prepare one or more personas so that we can target the service in a way that it will be perceived as the best possible solution and with the most value for the recipient.

The market overview is performed on the basis of the buyer personas. Who are the real competitors when you look from the persona’s point of view and the job-to-be-done philosophy? You provide a service that increases the efficiency of the team and there are many others that can do the same right from fitness membership to the latest in software. It is crucial to look at how you present yourself to your desired target group.

Specific, measurable, realistic and time-limited objectives must always be set so that everyone is involved in how the success looks and there is the same language spoken in what is to be achieved.

How we then execute the inbound strategy with the goals we set ourselves we put it in the campaign section so that the whole path is set from start to finish.

The technological needs analysis outlines which platforms you need to achieve your goals and put the strategy into practice.

Last but not least, we account for costs vs. value. So, what does it cost to execute the strategy, and what value, or return, you can expect realized subsequently.

With a digital game plan in place, it is your recipe for success!


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