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Turn your website into an automated marketing and sales machine with a complete online communication flow that will help you get more clients!


Make your expertise visible through content

Create good rapport with dialogues

Convert relationships to leads

Convert to sale and loyal customers

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How we work

Understanding your business

We have an explicit focus on supporting established businesses who want to take the next steps of further growth using online channels. We work to understand your business to make targeted communication that works towards your target market.

A systematic whole

Instead of searching for individual tactics, we put together your tailor-made lead-flow for sales and marketing. A flow where each component has its role in the whole and the effect can be measured. It will be easier to implement and you save time and money.

"New Basics"

We combine proven principles with new online methods to get results; online and offline, personal and digital. You don't waste time trying to figure out what works or not, but complement what you already do with the components you are missing.

An approach that works

It is the working methods that must set requirements for the systems - not the other way round. We are system independent and can recommend the tools that support your business best. With the right choice of technology, you will get started faster and cheaper.

Practicing what we preach

What we introduce to you is what we do ourselves and know works. We have acquired many new customers in the last few years through digital communication. By taking part in our expertise you can fast-track your own development and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Focus on financial results

Every dollar invested will provide many dollars back. It requires that you choose the right tools and in the right order, and that you have a complete flow of incoming leads that can be measured. Leads are of little value if they do not provide business.

What we do

For the most part, we have long-term commitments towards our customers in the form of monthly subscriptions.
We are involved with various aspects all the way from building to running and optimizing the new working methods.
We accelerate your pace of growth by continuously introducing new methods that we have tried out and know to work.


The first step towards increased sales is to secure the right conditions and working methods.

We will help to build a "blueprint" for how your marketing and sales will work. And you will get the technical tools you need to supplement with this.




To continuously run these new routines for sales and marketing is the key to success.

If you want to buy the expertise we can do the routine work for you, in whole or in part. Or we can train and coach you if you want to do most things yourself.




By monitoring and optimisation, the process will become more and more efficient.

We follow up and identify areas for further development so that your new processes become more efficient and will give better results.



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